Terms Of Membership In The Centre

Requirements for the membership:

  • The acceptance of a faculty member at the Centre is subjected to publishing at least one original article in one of the distinguished national or international journals as the first author or correspondent.

  • The extension of membership in the centre is also subjected to the publication of at least one original article as the first or correspondent author, with the affiliation of the research centre in one of the distinguished national or international journals, within two years of membership.

Activity fields of the members:

  • Collaboration in the researches as the researcher, co-worker, or supervisor
  • Cooperation in the preparation and development of articles
  • Collaboration in translating or writing books
  • Participation in holding workshops
  • Participation in the journal clubs
  • Participation in counselling programmes
  • Participation in social activities
  • Attending the meetings of the centre

Points for the members:

  • Membership card for members
  • Certificate of participation in the activities of the Centre for members
  • Certificate of acknowledgement at the end of the year for active members
  • Facilities of the Centre to advance research aims
  • Admission of research Ph.D. Student

Required Membership Documents:

  • Submit a membership request to the head director of the centre
  • Provide Scientific and Research Resume
  • Provide research interest fields and ongoing studies
  • Provide Google Scholar Link URL, Email, Address and Contact Number


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