Admission of PhD Ss


The main goal of this course is to educate people who, while dominating on a specific realm and familiarity with the related sciences through using advanced research methods, can take steps towards our country self-sufficiency, providing sustainable development and expand boundaries of knowledge. 

Specific objectives are:

-        Expanding knowledge boundaries at national and transnational levels through targeted research.

-        Creating opportunity for the emergence of creativity and innovation.

-        Reinforcing research leadership through the empowerment of dedicated and expert researchers

-        Providing the specialized service required by the healthcare system through the implementation of epidemiological results

-         Training efficient researchers to meet the research needs of research centres

-        Promoting societal health through the provision of a specialized hospital for conducting needs-based research

-        Presenting the results of technical research based on the need for key policy makers and stakeholders

-        Presenting research achievements at international levels

According to the general objectives mentioned above, PhD holders at the Centre will be employed as research faculty member or at the knowledge-based enterprises conferring the same field of research and degree. 

For PhD candidates, research grants mostly given by the centre's supervisors, and necessary sabbatical leaves abroad to complete their studies along with strengthening their scientific-research basis in the reputable and world-class research centres of the world will be available.

Students' Admission Process:

According to the law of "Assessment and admission of students at postgraduate program in universities and higher education institutions of the country", passed on 12.03.2015 by the Iranian Parliament and the approvals of the "Council for the Assessment and Acceptance of Students in Postgraduate Studies", the Measurement and Admission of research doctorate is as follows:


Admission method

Written test

Educational, research and technology records

Scientific interview

Preparing a Proposal

Research Ph.D.

% 30

% 20

% 30

% 20


The written test is conducted centrally and in the form of multiple-choice questions by the Ministry of Health. In this period, the conditions are provided in such a way that the candidate can take part in two courses (or sets) that take place in two different days according to their previous degree. Candidates are not allowed to select two courses (or sets) for a test in one day. Candidates are only allowed to take part in either tests of PhD or Research PhD which they have to choose one of them in the registration form.

For Research PhD candidates, having published at least two original research papers in ISI or PubMed journals, as the first or correspondent author at the time of the interview is required. Also, conditional English score for these candidates is not acceptable.

An oral test (interview) for a doctoral degree will be conducted by the University of Medical Sciences. Shortlisted candidates (according to the quota) in the written test (first stage) will be introduced for the next stage based on the written score and the selection of the place.

Candidates in the second stage (interview) and prior to interview are required to present 2 Research papers (as the first or correspondent author) published in journals indexed in ISI or PubMed and a language proficiency certificate.

Note: PhD studies are full-time studies.

PhD regulations

PhD Financial circular


Vice Chancellor for Education

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